Virtual Fundraising How it works

“I Wish I’d thought of that!”

Virtual Fundraising

Due Amici’s Pizza is a smart, easy and fast way to virtually fundraise with your team, organization or mob.

We put the Fun back in Fundraising


No paperwork to fill out, no cash to collect, and no product to distribute. Fundraise from anywhere.


You keep a percentage of what you sell. No fees and no minimums to meet.


Fundraising Events are four days long. So you get your payout faster.


We make the pizzas, pack the orders together and the customer can pick up their order at Due Amici’s. Or will deliver all orders right to your organization and you can hand them out.

Set up your own Due Amici Campaign

Dui Amici’s Fundraising is a four day virtual fundraiser where you and your mob earn money selling gear and merchandise and you never have to worry about handling product or collecting money. It’s 100% virtual.
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Organizing an Event

1. Contact Us. We will work with you to create the Hustle (fundraiser), pricing and delivery date.

2. SCHEDULE YOUR EVENT. Select the date and time you’d like your 4-day fundraiser to begin.

3. SHARE THE EVENT CODE. You’ll get a URL Link  to fire off to your gang or little black book so they can join and participate in your fundraising event.

4. COLLECT YOUR PAYOUT. Your cut typically arrives within two weeks from the date your Event ends, and are distributed via check.

Participating in an Event

1. JOIN YOUR EVENT. Use the URL Link provided by your Boss (organizer) to place your order and support your gangs  heist (fundraising event).

2. SEND A REVIEW. Make others know how happy you are with the products and service.

3. SHARE YOUR Due Amici link. Once the event starts you’ll have up to 4 days to share your secret Due Amici link with your clan through text messaging, social media and email.

4. Receive your order. You will receive your contraband in 7-10 business days after the event ends. Due Amici’s will deliver your orders to the organizer “Mob Boss”.

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